Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jocole Wideleg Pants

First let me apologize for the horrible photos.  It was 2 minutes before time to leave for school so I didn't have much time.  It also rained here all day yesterday and was still gloomy outside, thus the inside quick photos.

Right now there is a pattern bundle sale going on at Pattern Revolution.  There are 11 brand new girls patterns for sale and you can get them starting at $4.50 each.  But you must pick at least 6.  The more you buy the more you save.  I ended up buying 9.  I sat down with my girls and they liked just about every one of them.  They are super picky these days so when they like something I go for it.  They are not into big frilly ruffle dresses anymore (which is fine with me) and are more into the ready to wear look that you would find at stores.

The first pattern I decided to sew up was Jocole's Wideleg Pants for my 10 year old.  Now she is super duper skinny but average height for her age.  So, it is hard to find pants that actually fit her.  She can fit into her little sister's pants but they are always short.  If she wears pants that are long enough for her they always fall off of her.  It is nice to be able to sew her pants and change it up for her measurements.  I made a size 8 but extended the length a little bit.  I probably could have even made a smaller size since her waist was measuring smaller but I didn't want the rise to be too short.  I used a stretch french terry knit that I had originally bought for my son but decided to make these pants instead. 

I choose to add inset pockets.  Next time I make them I am going to serge around the curve of the pockets before I construct them.  I found it impossible to do this with my serger when the directions stated to do it so I just left the seam raw.  Since it is knit it won't fray.  I could have easily done it with a zig zag stitch but after using a serger for so long I don't like the look of a zig zagged seam very much.  When you are putting the pockets on make sure you pay attention and put them on the top of the pant leg where they belong and not the bottom (don't ask me why I know this).

For the waist I choose to do the skinny band.  I decided to also put elastic inside to give it more stability and so they wouldn't fall down.  I just left a gap when I attached the band and then inserted the elastic.  Then after securing the elastic together closed the gap.  I topstitched it with my coverstitch and it looks like I need more practice with that.  I have only had it a month so I have much to learn!

Finally, I hemmed it with my coverstitch as well.  I love the way this looks!  I used 1" fusible hem tape, ironed it up and hemmed it with my coverstitch.  Easy peasy.

The bundle up sale is going on only until Febuary 2nd.  You can find it HERE.  Happy sewing!

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