Sunday, September 7, 2014

It All Goes Here Sewing Organizer

If you are like me and are constantly losing your important sewing notions when you most need them then this sewing project is for you!  I decided to try and be a little more organized so I would quit searching all over my sewing room for things like my seam ripper when I most need them and made myself this sewing organizer.  I used the It All Goes Here! Sewing Organizer pattern from Fishsticks Designs.

This pattern is from their Go Fish series, which is very simple patterns which sew up quick and are perfect for beginners.  I have also made several On the Go travel pillows from the Go Fish series.  These pillows are my go to when I need a quick birthday present for one of my kids' friends.
The sewing organizer features 8 pockets along the front of various sizes to store all your goodies.  On the left side is a loop that you can tie your small scissors to with ribbon to keep them handy for thread snips.  The right side features a handy magnetic pin catcher.  The organizer has a pocket and you slip a ceramic magnet inside.

When I first read the pattern and saw I needed a ceramic magnet I thought "where the heck am I going to find one of those?"  After a quick google search I found that Home Depot sells them.  So, I tagged along with my husband on his next Home Depot run and found these magnets in the same aisle as all the screws, nuts and bolts.  They came in a 2 pack for around $4.
This organizer was super easy to make and sewed up very quick.  I think the whole thing took around 45 minutes to make.  Now my daughter is begging me to make her one for her sewing machine.  She is 9 and might be able to make it herself with my help with the instructions.  She has already picked out her fabric for hers. 
 I used Heather Bailey's Lottie Da Sprig fabric for the front pocket, Heather Bailey's Lottie Da Butterfly Dot for the top of the pocket and magnet cover and Ta Dot in Lime for the mat.


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