Sunday, June 19, 2016

Shopkins Shorts

It is starting to get hot where I live.  Today was about 107 in fact.  My girls had outgrown most of the shorts they had from last summer.  So, I decided to make them some rather then buy ill fitting shorts at the store.  I have many shorts patterns but I wanted something different than what I already had.  I went searching on etsy and pinterest for a shorts pattern I had envisioned (flat front, pockets and not short shorts).  I found the perfect one through Pinterest and that is the Little Honeybuns Shorts from Pattern Emporium.  As a bonus, they are an Australian company and their dollar is weak compared to USD right now making this pattern super affordable as well!

One of the reasons I choose this pattern is that there are several options.  This makes this pattern an even better deal!  There are 3 different lengths (sporty, play and bermuda).  They have a flat front with elastic back with an option for adjustable elastic.  Some of the other options include back pockets, back flaps, cuffs, tabs, belt loops and sash.

I choose to make the play length.  I made it simple to start out with and did minimal options.  On the next pair I plan to do cuffs and maybe back pockets.

This is a size 9 for my 9 year old daughter that loves Shopkins.  I just got 4 new Shopkins fabrics in the shop a few weeks ago.  This one is called Bags of Fun.  Another great thing about this pattern is that it only took 1 yard of fabric so they were pretty inexpensive to make.  Now lets talk about pockets.

This pattern does the front pockets in a way I have never seen before.  Instead of there being 2 pieces (pocket and lining) the pocket is one piece.  I thought this was genius and it made it simple and quick.  I trimmed the pocket opening in bias made with Fairy Frost in Fancy.  It really picks up the purple colors in the fabric and matches perfect with the tank top she will wear with this that I bought at Target.

Here is the back of the shorts.  There is a back yoke and elastic in the waistband.  The only thing I did different from the pattern directions was how I sewed the waistband.  The first pair of shorts that I made I followed the directions and found it difficult to sew the back waistband after inserting the elastic.  So, with this pair I top stitched/sewed the back waistband, inserted the elastic with my bodkin and then sewed the elastic in at each side seam.  Then I finished it up and top stitched the front waistband.  This was so much easier and I will do it that way from now on.

This is my new favorite shorts pattern and will be making several more this summer for both daughters!


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