Sunday, August 31, 2014

EYMM Zander Jacket

My poor son usually gets neglected when it comes to sewing clothing for him.  It is so much harder to find cute patterns for boys.  So, when I saw the newest Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution with all boys patterns I knew I had to get it.  This jacket is the second thing I have made from the bundle and is probably one of my most favorite things I have ever made.  This pattern is only available though Bundle Up through tomorrow but will be available to purchase from the designer on September 10th.  The designer is Everything Your Mama Made and this is the first pattern of hers I have ever made.

When I was planning out making this jacket I intended to make a Star Wars theme and embroider Darth Vader on the back.  But, I made the mistake of taking my son with me to the fabric store and he begged me for Spiderman.  He is currently obsessed with Spiderman and wears something Spiderman just about every day.
I made this jacket with black sweatshirt fleece and lined it in Spiderman flannel.  The pattern calls for a knit lining but flannel worked just fine.  I made a size 2/3 and it is a little bit big on him since he is so tiny.  But, it will last a long time.  I appliqued Spiderman's head on the back of the jacket and it matches perfectly with the Spiderman design on the flannel.  What is so unique about this jacket is the asymmetrical zipper.  When I showed my husband he said "the zipper is crooked".  I told him it is supposed to be and he didn't get it at first but he is a man so you will have to forgive him.  You must use a separating zipper and I choose to use a sport zipper because I liked the look of the bigger zipper teeth.  The supplies for the whole jacket cost me around $20.
Hopefully he will get lots of use out of this jacket this coming Fall and Winter.  Where I live it doesn't get very cold so he can probably wear this throughout the whole "cold" season.  I am very pleased with the way this came out and now my daughters are begging me to make them both one too.  Of course they do not want Spiderman but are requesting Elsa and Anna jackets.


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