Thursday, September 3, 2015

Climbing the Willow Izzy Top

Yesterday we went to a joint birthday party for both my neighbor's girls.  The oldest was turning 5 and the youngest 3.  I always like to make handmade presents for birthday gifts because 1. it saves me money and 2. it is fun to give a unique gift that people can't buy at the store.  For the younger girl I made the Frozen Fever Sophie dress blogged about below.  The older girl does not wear dresses and usually likes superheroes over princesses.  When I went over to their house to take their measurements I quizzed the girls on what they liked.  The oldest told me she loves Ariel because she swims (they are currently taking swimming lessons).  So, I decided to make her a top using a free pattern called Izzy from Climbing the Willow.  My original idea was to use Marvel Avengers fabric but she told me she loves Ariel so I used the new Ariel and Eric fabric from Springs Creative.

This was a super simple top to make and you can't beat a free pattern!  The directions were easy to follow too.  I made this top in a 4T and it took only 1 yard of fabric.  This pattern is perfect for a beginning seamstress because there are no set in sleeves or zipper.

The back bodice is split and there is a tab on one side that crosses over to the other side.  You can use a button/buttonhole or snap.  I choose to do a snap because it was easy and I had a snap color that matched.  I used KAM snaps on the top I made.

This morning I got a text from my neighbor and both girls were wearing the outfits that I made them to school today.  Looked like they both fit perfect too!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Frozen Fever Sophie Dress

Later this week is my next door neighbor's 3rd birthday.  Last week I asked her who her favorite princess was and she said "Anna from Frozen".  I happened to just get in new Frozen Fever fabric so I decided to make her a Frozen Fever dress.

Let's start with the fabric.  For the skirt, bodice front sides, bodice back and lining I used the brand new Disney Frozen Fever fabric from Springs Creative.  It features Elsa and Anna in the dresses they wore on the short Frozen Fever.  Olaf and little mini snowmen (which my daughter tells me were the result of Elsa sneezing) are also on the fabric.  The colors are vibrant and fun.  The fabric in the middle section is Michael Miller Fairy Frost in Lagoon.  Sorry I do not have this fabric in stock but bought it retail from a shop.

On the middle piece I embroidered a sunflower that matches the ones on Anna's skirt.  I used an applique design I bought from Lovely Leaf Applique on etsy.  I used the 4x4 size, which was perfect for this 2T dress.  I also used metallic gold piping on the bodice between the center and side pieces.  I purchased the piping at Hobby Lobby.

On the back I used a beautiful lace zipper.  Exposed zippers are so much easier to install than the traditional zippers and add a fun element to the dress.

Now for the pattern.  I used the Sophie dress pattern from Made for Mermaids.  The sleeves in the original pattern are 3/4 length.  I used her add on pattern for the sleeves shown and made the short sleeves with cuff.  This is one of my favorite patterns and with the add on pack there are tons of new options, making this a very versatile pattern.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ariel Ayda Dress

My niece's birthday was this month so I decided to make her a dress.  She is now 4 and is the most girly girl I have ever seen.  She is also crazy about Ariel.  Wish I had modeled pictures but since my girls are way too big for this dress (and I won't put it on my son to model) these photos will have to do for now.

The fabric shown is new from Springs Creative.  It features Ariel as a mermaid and human, Prince Eric, Sebastian and Ursula!  The colors are just  gorgeous too!  This is a cotton fabric and can be found HERE.  While you are there take a look at all the character fabric I have in stock.  I have many new ones including one with just Ariel, Cinderella, Tinkerbell and more.

I made this dress with the Ayda pattern from Simple Life Pattern Company.   You can make a peplum top or dress.  The skirt can be gathered or a circle skirt.  I chose to make a circle skirt.  I think it is much easier/quicker plus it provides tons of twirl.  Another option is for flutter sleeves but I chose to keep it simple and didn't add that.  This is a super easy and fast dress to make because there are no closures (no buttons or zipper).  The back overlaps as shown below.

There are also two options for the back.  The back as shown above or a more modest back that provides more skin coverage.  You can also add trim or lace or leave that off for an even quicker sew.  I decided to add lace to give a bit more coverage in the back and to make it just a bit more girly.  I got this lace at Joann and I thought it looked like it was crabs all along the lace.  Perfect for an Ariel dress that also features Sebastian!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Rapunzel Outfit

A while back I won a $50 gift card to Spoonflower.  One of the things I bought was 1 yard of Rapunzel fabric from one of my favorite designers Heather Ross.  At the time I had no idea what I would make with it but I bought it to make something for my 10 year old.  As some of you know, 1 yard of fabric for a 10 year old doesn't go very far so my options were limited.  When I got the Potato Chip skirt pattern from the last Bundle Up I thought this was the perfect thing to make with that fabric since it doesn't take much fabric even for the larger sizes.

The skirt pattern will be available soon from Tie Dye Diva.  The Bundle Up is no longer available so if you want the skirt pattern you will have to wait a few more days and then you can buy it direct from her website HERE.  The skirt has a timeless A line shape with a flat front and elastic back.  It also has inset pockets with instructions to add piping.  This skirt is also reversible but I doubt she will wear it on the other side.  This fabric is too cute to hide.  I made another Potato Chip Skirt and blogged about it HERE.  There are more pattern details on that post.

After I made the skirt I thought "now what I am going to do for a matching shirt?".  I only had a small piece of the Rapunzel fabric left after making the skirt so I didn't have much to work with.  I decided to make a tank top using the Hip Hop Tank pattern by Love Notions.  I just love all of her patterns.  The directions are fantastic and the results are always perfect.  I did view C where the front is all knit, the back top portion is knit and the bottom back is woven.  The back looks like a button up shirt and is just so cute.  Luck was on my side and I had just enough leftover fabric to make a size 8 tank top with the button up feature.  The knit is solid cream knit from Purple Seamstress on Facebook.  I get all my solid knits from her.  I can't buy knit from Joanns anymore after using her knits.  The quality is much much better.

Here is a close up of the back detail.  You know what else is fantastic?  This pattern is also available in Women's sizes!  I am making myself a tank next.  I happen to already have it because I got it in the Women's Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution a while back.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lilly Giggle Cecille Pattern

I made my 3rd outfit from a pattern in Pattern Revolution's Bundle Up.  I made the Lilly Giggle Cecille as a dress.  I had never used a Lilly Giggle pattern before and found the instructions to be good and there were tons of options.  This pattern uses knit fabric or a combo of knit and woven for the dress.  You can make a shirt or a dress.  There are also 3 sleeve options (short, 3/4 and long).  There is also an option for a sash (waist band) with the dress.

I choose to do the dress version and incorporated knit with woven.  This can also be made with all knit.  I made short sleeves because in Southern California we really only have about 2 weeks when we can wear long sleeves.  For the fabric I used a blue snowflake knit I got on etsy a while back from another seller.  I got 1 yard and this is the 3rd thing I have made with it.  Knit really goes a long way.  For the neckband and sleeve cuffs I just used a solid white I got from Purple Seamstress on Facebook.  For the skirt I used Frozen Ice Skating Toss with glitter.  Usually I do not like fabrics that have glitter in them.  But, I actually like this one.  Due to the background color of light blue the glitter does not overtake the fabric but gives it nice sparkle.  I have it on sale for $7.99 right now too!  For the waistband/sash I used Fairy Frost in Cobalt.  This color goes perfect with the color of Anna's dress and breaks up the similar blue colors in the bodice and skirt.

The pattern has instructions to sew the sleeves flat (easiest) or in the round (harder but better finish).  I choose to do them in the round.  That way there weren't any uncomfortable seams at the cuff and the finish is more professional.  If I can find cute snowflake buttons I am going to put them on the sleeve cuffs.  She loves this dress and wore it all day today.  Even though she is 10 she is still majorly into Frozen.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tie Dye Diva Potato Chip Skirt

My 7 year old loves My Little Pony so I decided to make her a skirt using the Potato Chip Skirt from Tie Dye Diva.  This skirt is available in the Bundle Up from Pattern Revolution.  This is the second pattern I have made from the bundle I bought and so far I have loved both patterns I have used.

What is so great about this pattern is you can make the skirt with either one fabric, lined or reversible.  I choose to make it reversible and used 2 My Little Pony fabrics.  That way she has 2 skirts in one!  The skirt also features pockets, a flat front waistband and elastic back.  It has a timeless A line shape and is super simple to sew because there are no gathers, ruffles, buttons or zippers!

For the main side of the skirt I used my favorite My Little Pony fabric called My Little Pony Names.  It features all your favorite My Little Ponies (including Rarity!) amongst a dark purple background.  There are so many colors you can pull from to match coordinating fabrics with.  I choose to bring out the pink and used Fairy Frost Love for the waistband.

On the front of the main side it features handy pockets.  You can even decorate the pockets with piping or in this case bias tape.  The pattern has directions for piping but I had this super cute crochet trimmed bias tape that I used to decorate the edge of the pocket.  I got this bias tape in a previous month's box from Stitch Box Monthy.  When I saw this pattern I knew this would be the perfect trim to use for the pockets!

On the reverse side I used My Little Pony Ombre fabric.  This is my daughter's favorite so I knew I had to use this fabric as well.  For the waistband on this side it is also the Fairy Frost Love.  The pattern includes directions to use a one fabric waistband (what I did) or a waistband with two different fabrics in case you wanted a different fabric on each side of the reversible skirt.

This skirt was a quick sew and I will be making more!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jocole Wideleg Pants

First let me apologize for the horrible photos.  It was 2 minutes before time to leave for school so I didn't have much time.  It also rained here all day yesterday and was still gloomy outside, thus the inside quick photos.

Right now there is a pattern bundle sale going on at Pattern Revolution.  There are 11 brand new girls patterns for sale and you can get them starting at $4.50 each.  But you must pick at least 6.  The more you buy the more you save.  I ended up buying 9.  I sat down with my girls and they liked just about every one of them.  They are super picky these days so when they like something I go for it.  They are not into big frilly ruffle dresses anymore (which is fine with me) and are more into the ready to wear look that you would find at stores.

The first pattern I decided to sew up was Jocole's Wideleg Pants for my 10 year old.  Now she is super duper skinny but average height for her age.  So, it is hard to find pants that actually fit her.  She can fit into her little sister's pants but they are always short.  If she wears pants that are long enough for her they always fall off of her.  It is nice to be able to sew her pants and change it up for her measurements.  I made a size 8 but extended the length a little bit.  I probably could have even made a smaller size since her waist was measuring smaller but I didn't want the rise to be too short.  I used a stretch french terry knit that I had originally bought for my son but decided to make these pants instead. 

I choose to add inset pockets.  Next time I make them I am going to serge around the curve of the pockets before I construct them.  I found it impossible to do this with my serger when the directions stated to do it so I just left the seam raw.  Since it is knit it won't fray.  I could have easily done it with a zig zag stitch but after using a serger for so long I don't like the look of a zig zagged seam very much.  When you are putting the pockets on make sure you pay attention and put them on the top of the pant leg where they belong and not the bottom (don't ask me why I know this).

For the waist I choose to do the skinny band.  I decided to also put elastic inside to give it more stability and so they wouldn't fall down.  I just left a gap when I attached the band and then inserted the elastic.  Then after securing the elastic together closed the gap.  I topstitched it with my coverstitch and it looks like I need more practice with that.  I have only had it a month so I have much to learn!

Finally, I hemmed it with my coverstitch as well.  I love the way this looks!  I used 1" fusible hem tape, ironed it up and hemmed it with my coverstitch.  Easy peasy.

The bundle up sale is going on only until Febuary 2nd.  You can find it HERE.  Happy sewing!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Frozen Outfit

This past week I participated in a sew along in the Made for Mermaids facebook group and made this top.  It is the rose ruffle top made with knit fabrics.  This was really easy to make, especially with my new coverstitch machine.  I don't sell knit fabrics (yet anyways) so I bought the fabrics used in the top retail.  The white is from Purple Seamstress, whom I think is just awesome.  This is the highest quality solids I have seen and reasonably priced.  The snowflake knit I got on etsy from another seller.

The hem on both the sleeve ruffles and the shirt hem I did with my Janome coverstitch machine I got for Christmas.  A coverstitch is different from a serger because it doesn't have a knife to cut off fabric and has double straight lines on the front and chain stitch on the backside.  This stitch still allows the fabric to stretch so it is the ideal way to hem knits.

I also made a coordinating skirt.  I used the Katie John pattern from Cole's Creations.  For the fabric I used Frozen Ice Skating Toss and Fairy Frost in Cobalt.  I have the Frozen fabric on sale right now!  This skirt has a flat front with elastic back, pockets and a contrasting hem band.  I hope the birthday girl loves her new outfit!


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