Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lazy Susan Frozen Dress!

I made this dress for a 2 year old relative that loves Frozen.  It is going to be a Christmas gift so hopefully the mom does not see this!  But, I just had to share because I love how it came out.

Last week I got a shipment of brand new Frozen fabric.  I had pre-ordered them several months ago so there was lots of anticipation in this house waiting for these fabrics to arrive.  Frozen is very very popular here.  My girls were excited to finally get these fabrics and wanted me to make stuff for them right away.  But, I told them I have to get Christmas gifts done first.

Now for the details!  I made this dress using the Lazy Susan pattern from Brownie Goose.  I did the split bodice and skirt hem band options on this dress.  The directions to do this are included but the skirt hem band requires a little bit of simple math.  For the fabric I used Frozen Ice Skating Hearts Framed and the accent fabric is Michael Miller Fairy Frost in Fancy.  These two fabrics pair together perfectly!

The back of the dress has buttons.  My original plan was to do use fabric covered buttons using the fairy frost fabric.  But, all I had was 1/2" and 7/8" buttons on hand.  I tried to cover the 1/2" ones but I have always had a hard time with that size and it wasn't working for me again.  All I ended up with were sore fingers.  3/4" would have been perfect but I didn't feel like going to the store.  So, plan B was to use wood buttons that I have in my stash.  I bought a bunch of these and usually use them on my son's button up shirts.  I think they look OK because they kind of match Anna's hair.  I would have preferred a fancier button.  But again, I did not feel like packing up my 3 year old and going to the fabric store so these will just have to do!

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